The Larkspur Landing Station Area Plan (SAP) was put together by a citizen advisory committee over the course of about a year, with public meetings and community input the whole way. It studied the possibility of new office, housing, and retail development, and its possible impacts on traffic, parking, and transit. It described ways to ameliorate some of the existing problems and ways to ease the introduction of new development.

Why is it important?

By 2016, Larkspur Landing will be Marin's second-most important transit hub, right behind the San Rafael Transit Center. With access to buses, rail, and a ferry with booming ridership, the neighborhood is set to become the crossroads of Marin.

Larkspur Landing today stands in stark contrast to the traditional downtowns Marin was built around. Rather than a place to bring your kids for a stroll, Larkspur Landing is a place of barren parking lots and speeding traffic - hardly the ideal. The SAP is a chance for the neighborhood to reinvent itself as a new downtown, with homes, shops, offices, and transit all working in concert.

Taking advantage of a ferry and a train is literally built into the DNA of our towns and our county character. The best places of Marin, including downtown Larkspur, were built next to train stations.

What's good about the plan?

Though Larkspur Landing is already a transit hub, it is also

What needs to be improved?

Good planning isn't about numbers, it's about creating great places. Walking around downtown Larkspur, one isn't concerned about