Press Release:

Announcing the creation of the Coalition for a Livable Marin

May 4, 2014 – In response to the ongoing debate regarding development and transportation in Marin, a collection of environmental, transportation, affordable housing, and good-government advocates have come together to announce the creation of the Coalition for a Livable Marin (CALM). The coalition’s mission: “To create and maintain the vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable communities that, in combination with our magnificent open space, make Marin such a great place.”

“CALM believes that the guiding light for Marin’s human habitat lies in its traditional town centers, warm and welcoming places built around transit and people on foot,” said steering committee member David Edmondson. “These places are at the heart of Marin’s culture and community, and our mission and actions flow out of our commitment to those places.”

CALM also believes Marin is fundamentally a welcoming and inclusive place with a long-standing history of debate based on respect and the search for understanding and agreement. David Kunhardt, another member of the steering committee, added, “We look forward to working with all who call Marin home to help create a more livable and sustainable county.”

CALM’s starting coalition includes Friends of SMART, League of Women Voters of Marin County, Marin County Bicycle Coalition, Sustainable Corte Madera, Sustainable San Rafael, and TRANSDEF. This list is growing as the coalition welcomes others who are just as passionate about Marin’s traditional town centers.

CALM is interested in building on the strong base of support for biking, transit, and affordable housing. It points to surveys that show nearly 60% of Marinites support building transit-oriented housing, and that a strong plurality of people support multi-family housing in the county (40 percent vs. 31 percent). Marin residents are also frequent users of public transit, with 1 in 4 of Marin’s commuters to San Francisco taking Golden Gate Transit. “Ensuring Marin’s transit service excels in ways it has not in the past is vital to the future of our thriving, walkable towns,” said steering committee member Wendi Kallins.

Research has shown that a quality human habitat is essential to the survival of our world’s natural habitat. Not only are greenhouse gas emissions lower in bike- and walking-friendly towns, but so are levels of other air pollutants, runoff, consumption, and habitat loss.

Anyone who supports the mission and aims of the Coalition for a Livable Marin is encouraged check out CALM’s website and sign up for its newsletter at Join us, and together we can ensure a more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable Marin.