Victory Village Needs Your Support AGAIN

VictoryAffordable housing for seniors at risk!

Victory Village is a 54-unit affordable senior housing project currently being considered by the Fairfax Planning Commission and Town Council. The Coalition for a Livable Marin (CALM) strongly supports the Lutheran Church's proposal for the use of two acres of their 20-acre parcel for environmentally friendly affordable housing for seniors. There is strong and misguided opposition from a small but vocal group. Believe it or not, even this benign, low-impact project to be entirely contained within the already-developed footprint of the Lutheran Congregation, needs your backing to get to approval.
The Planning Commission and Town Council have preliminarily adopted an improvement to its zoning ordinance, enabling Planned Development District proposals like Victory Village to be reviewed and evaluated as a whole package, rather than separately considering each component of the proposal in a long, drawn-out process, as has been done in the past. CALM supports this more complete, understandable, and TRANSPARENT approach to reviewing development proposals.
The Town Council will make a final decision on the ordinance on March 1st. Please attend and speak at the hearing at 7 pm on Wednesday March 1 at the Women’s Club, 46 Park Rd., Fairfax. Or email a support letter to the Town planner, Linda Neal, at  Even better, do both.

Reality check:  If this amendment to the zoning ordinance is not approved, it is quite likely that Victory Village will not go forward. If you would like to connect with others advocating for this project's ultimate approval, click here to email the local grassroots team.